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Some Facts About UniSci

UniSci was the first science daily news site on the Web, and remains the only one that selects stories based on their scientific importance. As a result, UniSci counts many laboratory scientists among its readers.

Those readers also include many graduate and undergraduate students, high school students, research sponsors, investors, science and medicine writers, and other people who know that science will always play a major role in human life. Our logs reveal much about our readers; the heavy volume of email we receive from them tells us the rest.

UniSci is the only site that fosters fine science writing: When a story needs very little editing, we give the science writer at the institution issuing the release a byline (although we may include Editor's Notes, always highlighted as such.) If a release needs additional facts, heavy editing or re-writing to make it better, we do that. And we always write our own headlines.

Many of those headlines are picked up by news-gathering agencies such as Yahoo! News, the largest news source on the Web. At this writing, there are just under 1,000 UniSci headlines on Yahoo! News' pages, with the number increasing daily.

UniSci is also the only science news site with a fast, convenient search engine built in. As of this writing, there are just over 2,500 searchable articles archived. This is one reason that most of our visitors return to the site, many have the site bookmarked -- and over 3,000 carry a link to UniSci on their own websites.

One of the characteristics that makes UniSci unique is its distinguished Editorial Board. We're very pleased that all members of the original board have stayed with us from the beginning. Under their guidance, we plan to continue as the primary source of science news -- and of fine science writing -- on the Internet.

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