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Note To PIOs

UniSci considers releases from all sources -- universities, research labs, individual companies and PR firms -- on their merits. They may be bylined and used virtually as is, since we promote good science writing as part of our mission; with bylined material, we change as little as possible, out of respect for the writer, and any Editor's Note is always highlighted as such. Most releases will be lightly or heavily edited or rewritten and may be combined with other material in a larger story.

Releases should be submitted via e-mail, in the body of the message or as an attachment in any format from straight ASCII text to HTML. Send releases to the UniSci .

We prefer embargoed stories, sent as much in advance as possible. We strictly honor ALL embargoes. On such material, please include the date of the journal publication and/or the exact meeting date and, where applicable, meeting time.

We also consider, and often use, material that is not quite as topical or is of a feature story nature. Even in such releases, please be specific about who, what, when and where.


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